6 Steps for Improving Customer Service

Most leaders believe that the key to improving your customer service lies with an outward process or change.  The reality is that a highly engaged team will consistently deliver on your vision of the customer experience, whereas a moderately or disengaged employee will simply attempt to deliver on your standards.  Customer service starts with building highly … Continue reading 6 Steps for Improving Customer Service

5 Steps for Delivering Feedback

Telling someone that they are not doing something right can be one of the most stressful things a leader can do, especially when that conversation is accompanied by documentation.  These five steps can help any leader at any level deliver feedback that will be received as constructive.  Feedback should be a moment of growth and education not … Continue reading 5 Steps for Delivering Feedback

Is One Person Bigger Than Your Culture?

In many departments and organizations there is usually one person that is larger than life.  Many times that person is viewed as indispensable, and leaders are left wondering if their organization would be able to still perform without that person.  Building a culture that is bigger than one person is necessary for organizations to succeed … Continue reading Is One Person Bigger Than Your Culture?