The Wisdom of Growth

"I'm looking to grow my career.  What advice can you give me to help me get to where you are?"  If you have been leading people for any modest period of time, then you have had someone ask you this question.  I have made it a point over the last few years to get involved … Continue reading The Wisdom of Growth


Promote Me or Lose Me!

A few months ago I spoke at a conference about maximizing the talents of the Millennial Generation, and integrating them into this multigenerational workplace.  After the conversation I had a few leaders approach me to tell me that they liked what I had to say.  That was quickly followed by, “That’s all well and good, … Continue reading Promote Me or Lose Me!

Participation Trophies Don’t Work

Participation Trophies Don't Work Consistent accountability provides a much better platform to leap from than a pile of participation trophies. Participation Trophies Don't Work The phrase participation trophies has almost become a cringe worthy phrase.  The idea that the accomplishments of this generation are lessened by the fact that "everyone" gets rewarded for just trying … Continue reading Participation Trophies Don’t Work